The Ideology of the Spider-Suit

Editor’s note: This post was written by Morgan Kraljevich, a freelance writer by profession, and a video game addict by self-diagnosis. An avid reader and amateur coffee connoisseur, she can often be found bumming around the local cafes reading and writing in her worn-out journal. Hoping to one day set her sights on each square inch of the […]

funny lotr memes

Fandom Friday: 11 Funny LoTR Memes

The Lord of the Rings has definitely one of the biggest followings in the fantasy genre. Many a teenager remember their young days burying their noses in the books, smelling that particular aroma that only paper can emit. Yeah, no Kindles or book readers back then… With the movies, the Lord of the Rings became […]


Why ‘The Last Of Us’ Is The Best Video Game Ever Made

There are video games that transcend their medium. They transport you into a different world that is so engrossing, it actually starts feeling real to you. Though these game worlds are few and far between (think Rapture from the original Bioshock as another example), when they happen, they stick with you. Not just for days […]