badass video game weapions

6 Badass Video Game Weapons We Wish We Owned in Real Life

Being a gamer, you can’t help but fantasize about owning some of the badass video game weapons you get to yield in games like Gears of War and Borderlands. While they would only be mounted and placed on our walls (unless there is ever a zombie apocalypse or robot takeover), they would still be mighty awesome to […]


Create Your Own Agents of SHIELD ID Badge

When news about Agents of SHIELD came out, we were rather excited about it. The first few episodes were nothing to write home about, but we were still going to give it go. Fans of the show can start throwing stones at me now (*ducking*), but I never got into the show. Even though so […]


April Fools’ Pranks Geeks Will Enjoy

April Fools’ is pretty much here. You’ve probably got a collection of your best pranks, but you might be looking for a bit of inspiration – or just a laugh. Here are some good old pranks that you will enjoy. Play with the mouse The perfect office prank – if you use mice (mouses?). It’s […]