Win Geeky Jewelry from Uproar Store!

You know what day it is today, so we’re going to add a bit to the celebrations. Last Friday, we gave you some of the best Star Wars Day deals. Today, we’re going another step in the giveaway direction, and while we’re not giving away Star Wars items, this geeky jewelry giveaway will add to […]


#FandomFriday: #StarWarsDay Deals

Star Wars fans from all over the world came together at the Anaheim Convention Center from April 16-19, a precursor to what is to come in the next few days…a day so big that even people who haven’t watched Star Wars (yes, the exist) have an inkling about it. If you didn’t catch the event, […]

learn klingon

Learn Klingon Online at Duolingo

The chances of you being fluent in Klingon are not that bad, but just in case your Klingon is rusty or you have not had the chance to learn the language, then this post is for you. Trekkies, here’s the best way to impress your peers. Duolingo, the renowned language learning platform, is taking things […]

final fantasy summons

The 5 Greatest ‘Final Fantasy’ Summons

I grew up being a huge fan of old school Final Fantasy games. In my opinion, when it came to JRPG’s, you just couldn’t top the grandeur of the FF series. And one of the greatest things about this stellar series are the summons you can call on to aid you in battle. Some are […]

Rubik's Cube record

Rubik’s Cube Record Broken! Again.

It seems that everyone one and their mom want to be the record holder for solving the Rubik’s Cube, but alas, only those truly gifted can hold that distinction. As I’ve admitted before, the Cube and I aren’t exactly best friends (and will continue to be the case in the foreseeable future). But this teenager […]