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Comics for Newbies: 5 Must-Read Batman Stories

Batman is arguably the most popular character in the DC Universe, and if you’re new to comics, you may very well want to start with the Caped Crusader. As it is with practically all comics, overwhelming is a good word to describe the feeling one gets when deciding to start – and where. Here’s a […]

10 Awesome Cat Tattoos

Today’s post is for cat lovers the world over. They say that people don’t really own cats and that it’s the other way around, but with cat tattoos, perhaps pet owners may have the chance to say “You’re mine!” Feast your eyes on these awesome cat tattoos we’ve found online. Cats just want to have […]

7 Most Inappropriate Movie Titles

We all love movies that have catchy titles. Sometimes, a movie title may make or break a film. I honestly don’t envy the job of those who have to come up with a hit title. There are times, though, when movie titles just go so wrong they become ridiculous. Either you end up with a […]

Fandom Friday: Star Wars Episode VII Leaks Collection [Read at Your Own Risk]

[UPDATED: February 25, 2015] Director J.J. Abrams talked to BBC News and has some interesting things to say about all the rumors and leaks surrounding Star Wars VII. In the report, the director says: There are a ton of rumours – some true, some false. But I’m grateful for everyone who would want to read […]

5 Nerdy Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

There’s nothing like a good podcast to listen to when you’re stuck in heavy traffic during your commute to work (or from work). If you take the train, a 40-minute or so podcast will also keep boredom at bay while drowning out the surrounding noise. I have to admit, though, that podcasts are not for […]

20 Nerd Sayings and Jokes to Make Your Day

The term nerd is often used, but in varying ways depending on who’s saying it and in what context. Officially, nerd has two meanings according to Oxford Dictionaries. The first one: “A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious”. The second one: “A single-minded expert in a particular technical field”. […]

7 Best 80s Movies on Netflix to Watch

If you’re a child of the 80s, and you want to go back to the times when things were simple, then you’ll definitely want to see some of the movies you saw back then. Even if you were born much later, but you appreciate that decade, then head over to Netflix to watch some of […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is bound to be AMC’s next big hit, partly thanks to Breaking Bad’s phenomenal and critically acclaimed success. As the show is still in its infancy, we explore some fun facts you probably didn’t know about the already-popular dramedy. Let’s kick off the list with this interesting Better Call Saul trailer, in […]

5 Odd Movie Couples That Touched Our Hearts

“Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine.” ― Whoopi Goldberg Some people have an idea of what a “normal” couple should be. Real life, however, reflects Whoopi Goldberg’s quote. Who’s to say what normal is? And, Hollywood has shown us time and again that odd movie couples can – and have – touched […]

The 8 Best Movie Posters of 2015 (So Far)

There’s always something magical about movie posters, as they can often tell a great story without the need for special effects and cutting-edge surround sound. These are works of art that perfectly blend with the best marketing tactics to date, making you stare at them like you simply have nothing better to do. Speaking of […]