5 Great Geek Sites That Are Fun For The Whole Family

The problem with nerd and geek sites on the web is, most of them are aimed at teenagers and above. Even more so, they are often squarely aimed at the male demographic, often alienating both families and younger girls who may want to geek out and have some internet fun, too. But don’t be completely […]

best SDCC trailers

The 6 Best Trailers That Dropped At SDCC 2015

Every year, some badass reveals get made at San Diego Comic-con. The nerd worlds sits at home on their computers, drooling, wait to see all the wonderful leaked trailers some nerd took on his phone. And this year, the turn out of new material and trailers was one of the best in SDCC history. We […]

LEGO Game of Thrones

LEGO Game of Thrones Is Full of Awesome

As much as the season finale of Game of Thrones stirred up a jumble of emotions in the show’s viewers, we all know in our hearts that we are eagerly waiting for the next season to start. As with every TV show, the break between seasons is annoying. And every crazy passionate fan can go […]