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Win The Thinker Ferrofluid Display

Remember the ferrofluid toys we gave away a couple of years back? Just in case you’re at a loss, this is what a ferrofluid is: A ferrofluid is a liquid that has really tiny magnetic nanoparticles in it. The iron oxide is magnetite and gives it it’s magnetic properties. The magnetite particles are called nanoparticles […]

7 Video Game Franchises that Need to Die

Most of us here are gamers and we appreciate the joy that the following franchises have brought us over the years. Despite their once-great reputation, it saddens us to see such iconic series plagued with tired old features, broken gameplay mechanics and a lack of innovation overall. With great displeasure, here are 7 video game […]

10 Movie Sequels that Took Way too Long

Movie sequels can be unpredictable; not only are they occasionally terrible, but some may also go into production many years, if not decades later. The good news is that oftentimes these long-awaited movie sequels bring a sense of nostalgia, which undoubtedly gives us a happy feeling inside. In celebration of procrastination and endless script rewrites, […]

5 Forgotten Game Franchises that Need to Be Revived

There was a time when a video game series always reassured gamers that another one was just on the horizon. As new genres and interests came about, sadly, many of these just couldn’t compete with the dynamic and highly competitive gaming landscape. The good news is that these seemingly forgotten games have a lot of […]

8 Comic Book Movies Coming Soon

Note: In reality, there are around 40 upcoming superhero films throughout the year 2020. However, this list is based on our personal, most anticipated movies. Believe it or not, superhero movies are still in their infancy, as Hollywood has many more characters to explore over the next several years. Thanks to successes such as Iron […]

5 Strange Anime Series that Will Blow Your Mind

Anime series have always had a special place in our hearts. Not merely due to the fact that they are often humorous, action-oriented and dramatic, but also because they can be downright strange. We are sure you have noticed the occasional odd behavior portrayed by anime characters or the plot that simply makes you scratch […]

5 Anime Series that Need a Reboot

Thousands of anime shows have come and gone throughout the years, each one delivering different experiences and forms of storytelling. They are often remembered for their humor, their wit or the heavy amount of drama and action involved. Regardless of their critical and fan reception, there are various anime series that need a reboot in […]

Top 5 Video Game Remakes

The gaming industry thrives primarily by bringing us new franchises and gameplay experiences every year. Modern intellectual properties like Mass Effect and Borderlands have helped shape video games, and needless to say, most have passed the test of time with flying colors. Older franchises, however, were in need of a heavy makeover to better resonate […]

6 Adult Board Games for Couples

Board games kept us busy as kids while our parents were doing what adults do. Now, as adults, funnily enough, board games still give the fun we had when we were innocent little boys and girls. The difference is that there is a bunch of adult board games that appeal to the mature audience. Monopoly […]